The Ottawa Hospital Collective Agreement

Pensions are higher than HOOPP. Most places in Ontario are with them, so if you`re in another hospital, keep going down depending on where you work. At the Ottawa Hospital, we start with 3 weeks a year. After five years of service, I am at 4 weeks. However, the granting of leave is based on seniority and can be a real pain depending on the workplace. If you want to work in the cities of the East End Hospital (Montfort), French is an asset. Not sure it`s absolutely necessary, but everyone I know speaks French. I am RN on the campus of the Ottawa Civic Hospital. Do nurses work for most of their careers or does seniority come with a more precise schedule? How are Stat parts handled with deferral? The hours depend on where you work.

I work 12 hours a day and night. I have friends who work 8 hours from Monday to Friday. The above information describes some of the benefits available to staff under the various plans. The details and particularities are defined in the respective collective agreements and working conditions. So your worktop depends entirely on where you work. Most timelines don`t depend on the senior (where I`m anyway, we all have the same schedule, but we can change our positions in Beherum). . Download the model care home contract (French) (dated June 30, 2021) Here Hospitals Homes for the Elderly Public Health Clinics Industrie Lhns (formerly CCACs) Home Care Providers Here is an ONA document that answers many of your questions If you want to move here, visit the Ottawa HR Hospital website, where you will find a lot of good information! Contract. The Ontario Nurses Association negotiates your wages, benefits and working conditions on your behalf.

Go to your contract below:. If there are nurses or someone who knows the answers to these questions, could you let me know? Salaries depend on location and location – My salary is dictated by the Ontario Nurses Association. What is the typical salary (field is okay if you feel uncomfortable, you say). Committed to meeting the needs of our employees, The Ottawa Hospital: CUPE 4000 members who work for The Ottawa Hospital are part of the HOOPP pension plan. Full-time members are automatically included in the plan; Membership is optional for part-time and casual employees. Talk to your steward if you have any questions about authorization or registration. Civic Campus Stewards – Unit A (also covers Queensway Carleton) This brief overview provides general information about our excellent staff pension scheme….

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