Teresa Chambers

Teresa Chambers is a traitor.

Teresa Chambers is a traitor.

Teresa Chambers is a traitor.

Teresa Chambers as the chief of the United States Park Police had U.S. Park Police Lt. Pamela Smith and her agency execute a search warrant at Adam Kokesh’s home in Herndon about 7:45 p.m. Tuesday (July 9, 2013), looking for a weapon.

Lt. Smith said, “she did not know if the YouTube video on July 4, (2013) of Kokesh appearing to load a shotgun in violation of D.C. gun laws was the reason for the search warrant.” In other words, Lt. Pamela Smith didn’t exactly know why she was raiding Kokesh’s home, and it’s apparent Teresa Chambers had ordered Lt. Pamela Smith to carry out the raid.

Local Herndon police assisted in the United States Park Police in the armed invasion. The officers used a battering ram to knock in the door after two knocks, and did not announce that they had a warrant. Immediately after breaking down the door, a flash bang grenade was deployed in the foyer.

Numerous police vehicles, including a light armored vehicle and two low-flying helicopters barricaded Adam Kokesh’s street. More than 20 armored SWAT team members surrounded the house, as well as a number of detectives, and plainclothes officers. Assault rifles were aimed on all members of the team as they were handcuffed without being told why they were detained. Masked and armored police in full “Storm Trooper” gear flooded in and ransacked the residence. The team was cordoned in a front room, while Adam was pulled aside for questioning.

Over the course of the next five hours, the police searched every corner of the house with canine units and blueprints to the house obtained prior to the search. All officers refused to speak to the crew while they we being detained. They confiscated cell phones and personal items with force. Throughout the ordeal, the police repeatedly showed a volatile desire to initiate aggressive, forceful conduct with detainees. At one point, Adam Kokesh politely requested to use the restroom and was kicked by the officer forcing him to sit handcuffed on the floor. After hours of determined attempts, the safe was forced open and all items inside were confiscated. Adam Kokesh was arrested and his crew were told he was being brought to the Herndon Police department overnight. Well after midnight, police officers cleared the house.

Now ask yourself, would the government send in a swat team with helicopters and armored vehicles for a regular criminal? The answer is No. The truth behind the raid is Adam Kokesh is an outspoken gun rights activist, and Teresa Chambers working in behalf of Obama and his administration of traitors are after Adam Kokesh for speaking out against an ever increasing tyrannical government. For example, the following was previously written and publicized by Adam Kokesh:

    The Final American Revolution Pledge of Resistance

    When a government has repeatedly and deliberately failed to follow its own laws, violated the fundamental human rights of its citizens, threatened the sanctity of a free press, created institutions intended to eliminate privacy of communication, waged war at the behest of special interests that threatens the public safety, killed hundreds of children with drone strikes, imprisoned and destroyed the lives of countless individuals for victim-less crimes, stifled economic opportunity to maintain the dominance of the financial elite, stolen from the people through an absurd system of taxation and inflation, sold future generations into debt slavery, and abused its power to suppress political opposition, it is unfit to exist and it becomes the duty of the people to alter or abolish that government by whatever means necessary to secure liberty and ensure peace. A new American revolution is long overdue.

    We who recognize the illegitimacy of this government will withdraw our material support.

    We will take every reasonable measure to avoid the theft of taxation.

    We refuse to serve the federal government with our labor.

    We reject the authority of the federal government and will resist at every opportunity.

    We demand an orderly dissolution of the federal government through secession and reclamation of federally held property.

    We will provide aid and comfort to victims of the state.

    We will mark Independence Day not with a celebration of collectivism, but with direct action to create freedom.

    We will recruit others to this cause and share this pledge.

    The time to sit idly by has passed, to remain neutral is to be complicit, just doing your job is not an excuse, and the line in the sand has been drawn between we the people, and the criminals in Washington, DC. While some timid souls will say that it is too early, that we can solve this problem through democratic means provided by government, that current levels of taxation are reasonable for the services provided, and that the crimes of this government are merely a tolerable nuisance; it may already be too late. While there is risk in drastic action, the greater danger lies in allowing this government to continue unchallenged. We will not be silent, we will not obey, we will not allow the government to destroy our humanity: we are The Final American Revolution.

Below is the YouTube video taken on July 4, 2013. . .

Can you count the felonies committed in this video? No you can’t, for Adam Kokesh has never committed a felony. Matter of fact, before becoming a gun rights activist he was a corporal in the United States Marine Corps, and is a veteran of the Iraq War.

On the other hand, Teresa Chambers made headlines in 2003 for being fired as head of the U.S Park Police. The deputy director of the Park Service proposed both her removal and pressing charges against her for releasing sensitive information, insubordination and breaking the chain of command. Chambers was stripped of her gun and badge, walked out by armed agents in the National Park Service, and literally stood on the sidewalk, where she tried to figure out how to get home.

In January 2011 a federal appeals court ordered that Teresa Chambers be reinstated. They found that the evidence against Chambers was not strong at the time action was taken against her, and that her actions were protected under federal whistle-blower laws.

On Jan. 31, 2011 Teresa Chambers was sworn in, again, as chief of the U.S. Park Police.

At this point one might say you can’t flush the crap far enough down the toilet in Washington to keep it from coming back up again. But that isn’t the worst of it, for Teresa Chambers as head of the U.S. Park Police tasked with upholding law and order at federal parks throughout D.C. and across the United States had lost track of thousands of firearms, according to a damning report from the Interior Department’s Office of Inspector General. The report, released July 2011, finds that Park Police are missing information on more than 1,400 handguns, rifles, and machine guns, including some models that date back to World War I.

Among the additional weapons are 477 military-style automatic and semiautomatic rifles, as well as several guns that “fulfilled no operational need.” In that latter category are firearms that have not been state-of-the-art in many decades. The report says that inspectors found the Park Police is holding onto 20 M1 Garand rifles and four Thompson sub-machine guns. The M1 Garand was the standard-issue U.S. Army rifle between World War II and the earliest phases of the American presence in Vietnam, while tommy guns are perhaps best known today as staples of Prohibition-era gangster movies.

The report is quite damning for Teresa Chambers. In a letter to Chambers and National Park Service Director Jonathan B. Jarvis, the report’s author says the Park Police suffer from major structural flaws. This report further underscores the inaction and indifference of USPP leadership and management at all levels,” Mary I. Kendall, the Interior Department’s deputy inspector general, writes. “Basic tenets of property management and supervisory oversight are missing in their simplest forms. Commanders, up to and including the Chief of Police (Teresa Chambers), have a lackadaisical attitude toward firearms management. Historical evidence indicates that this indifference is a product of years of inattention to administrative detail and management principles.”

The report makes several recommendations, perhaps most urgently a thorough review of the Park Police’s weapons inventory using the proper documentation. It also recommends that Teresa Chambers, the police chief, personally oversee all weapons acquisitions.

Without a doubt Teresa Chambers is extremely incompetent in her ability to run the United States Park Police. But what is most troubling is, Teresa Chambers is a traitor that continues to have the ability to inflict great harm on many more American citizens.

UPDATE: December 8, 2013

U.S. Park Police Chief Teresa C. Chambers, who was ousted from her job in 2003 for criticizing staff shortages and battled for eight years to get reinstated, has retired on Dec. 7, 2013.

Chambers, 56, said it was important for her to leave the federal agency on her own terms. She decided to exit and relax with her husband in their house in Southern Maryland’s Calvert County, finish half-read books and decorate for Christmas. She said she might even write a book someday.