Palmer Robinson

Palmer Robinson is a traitor.

Palmer Robinson is a traitor.

Palmer Robinson is a traitor.

Palmer Robinson is a treasonous Superior Court Judge in King Country, Washington. She has upheld an unconstitutional tax on firearms and ammunition, denying a motion by the National Rifle Association that the legislation violates state law.

The so-called “gun violence tax” opens up a new front in the fight for Second Amendment rights.


    The Seattle City Council unanimously approved a “gun violence tax” on sellers of firearms and ammunition in August 2015, directing proceeds toward violence prevention programs and research beginning in January 2016.

    A companion measure requires gun owners to report cases of lost and stolen firearms to police.

    On Tuesday (December 22, 2015), King County Superior Court Judge Palmer Robinson denied a request by gun rights groups for an injunction, saying the tax did not violate state law and was a “lawful exercise of Seattle’s taxing authority.”

    The National Rifle Associations (NRA) and other pro-gun groups vowed to appeal against the ruling, maintaining that the tax does not comply with a Washington state law that bars municipalities from creating their own gun regulations.

    They also said the tax would hurt small gun dealers, with customers driving to other retailers outside the city limits to avoid the tax.

    “We are going to fight this vigorously in defense of a state preemption law that has served Washington citizens well for more than three decades,” said Alan Gottlieb, founder of the pro-gun rights group Second Amendment Foundation.

    The only other municipality in the country with an individual tax on gun sales is Chicago, according to the NRA.

    Under the new Seattle law, gun sellers will be taxed $25 for every gun sold plus 2 or 5 cent taxes on each round of ammunition.

Judge Robinson is an outright traitor for deliberately distorting state law along with the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. In this case, the Judge Robinson completely ignored state law in favor of a made up justification by the city of Seattle that the intent of the law was not to legislate against firearms.

Raising the cost of a weapon by $25 is as much a form of gun control as limiting sales of firearms, but the judge pretended that wasn’t the case. The tax may be overturned on appeal, but liberal judges, anxious to put their mark on a new way to eat into Second Amendment rights, will play the same game as the superior court judge who ruled against a constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Anthony McLeod Kennedy

Anthony McLeod Kennedy is a traitor.

Anthony McLeod Kennedy is a traitor.

Anthony McLeod Kennedy is a traitor.

Anthony McLeod Kennedy is a treasonous Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.

Justice Kennedy, and four others, fabricated a right for same-sex marriage that doesn’t exist within the United States Constitution. They decided that they know best rather than to let the legislatures and voters make the call. (By the way, many states had already done so.)

The Founding Fathers had wisdom, and that’s why they left these issues to the people. The five Justices, Kennedy and the four liberal robots, unlawfully ruled 5-4 same sex marriage is a constitutional right.

Justice Kennedy and the other justices have not settled anything. They’ve simply poisoned the political well by imposing their ungodly definition of marriage on the rest of us.

Indeed, for those who respect the rule of law, this lawless ruling presents a fundamental dilemma: A ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court is considered the law of the land, but a judge-made edict that is not based in the law or the Constitution diminishes faith in our system of government and the rule of law.

It can be expected this issue will poison our political rhetoric for years, and we can thank the traitor Justice Kennedy for doing so.

Additional Information

Justice Anthony Kennedy has been active off the bench as well. He spends his summers not in America, but in Salzburg, Austria, where he teaches international and American law at the University of Salzburg for the McGeorge School of Law international. This in itself explains his unlawful use of international law while on the bench, and why he puts world opinion over our constitutional liberties. In other words, Justice Kennedy has some underlying common mutual interest, some underlying common shared idea, some underlying common shared aspiration, and underlying unified concept of what he’s trying to tell the rest of the world at the expense of destroying our God given rights as protected under the United States Constitution.

Susan Oki Mollway

Susan Oki Mollway is a traitor.

Susan Oki Mollway is a traitor.

Susan Oki Mollway is a traitor.

Susan Oki Mollway is a treasonous federal district judge on the United States District Court for the District of Hawaii.

Federal Judge Susan Oki Mollway is doing everything she can to nullify what the voters of Maui legally created on Election Day 2014.

In an historic effort, those voters passed a ballot measure temporarily blocking Monsanto and Dow from continuing their toxic GMO and pesticide experiments in the “open-air laboratory” of Maui.

Monsanto and Dow then turned around and sued to nullify that vote, and the County Government of Maui, betraying their own citizens, joined forces with the two corporate behemoths.

Judge Mollway now has the case before her.

In her very latest stalling move, she’s postponed any action until June 15, 2015. Meanwhile, Monsanto and Dow are allowed to continue poisoning the people of Maui.

Mollway’s justification for her latest stall? Between now and June 15, the Hawaii State Legislature MIGHT pass a bill that decides the future of Dow and Monsanto on Maui and thus overrides Maui voters; and therefore waiting is the best option.

This, despite the fact that the relevant agriculture bills now sitting before the State Legislature are receiving zero attention. At the moment, they’re dead ducks.

So what message is Judge Mollway really sending? It’s obvious. She’s nudging and winking at the Legislature, hoping they revive one of these bills or invent a new one and pass it. Soon.

She wants such a bill to make it clear that Monsanto and Dow can continue their GMO/pesticide experiments without interruption, regardless of what the voters of Maui have decided. She wants to destroy the ability of a vote to make any difference.

Since when does a sitting Federal Judge postpone making a judicial decision because another branch of government (the legislature) might enact a law?

In case you’ve forgotten, there are three branches of government, and they’re supposed to limit each other’s power.

What Mollway is doing is treasonous and absurd.

This would be like the US Supreme Court stating, “We are about to enter another round of decision-making on Obamacare—but we’re going to wait, because the Congress might possibly enact new legislation that clarifies the points we’re supposed to debate…”

Yes. Might. Possibly. And a hundred UFOs might land on Maui in early June and render, de facto, all governmental decisions null and void.

Why doesn’t Mollway just come out and say, “Look, there is no way I’m going to stop Monsanto and Dow from doing what they’ve been doing on Maui. I’ll employ any strategy to accomplish my objective. If anyone has suggestions on how I can achieve this, please email me. I’m open to all ideas. For example, the Maui voters were temporarily disabled on Election Day because a solar flare hit Hawaii and caused synaptic chaos. Or, Monsanto is actually a group of messianic extraterrestrials here to save us…”

Better yet, Mollway could simply declare Maui a judicial monarchy, appoint herself Queen, and cancel all voting privileges.

Under the cover of court gibberish and rigamarole, that’s what she’s doing.

Is there an appeals court that’s ready to push her off the case and off the bench? Or are they working for Monsanto, too?

Frederic “Fred” Schott

Frederic Fred Schott is a patriot.

Frederic Fred Schott is a patriot.

Frederic “Fred” Schott is a patriot.

Frederic “Fred” Schott is a patriotic Seminole County Judge in the State of Florida.

Judge Fred Schott become angry with a prosecutor during a hearing in Seminole County.

The exchange between Judge Fred Schott and Assistant State Attorney Diana Miers was captured on courtroom video on March 11, 2015.

A jury had just found a woman guilty of driving under the influence when the attorneys and Judge Fred Schott started discussing the woman’s license suspension. The Sanford police officer who made the arrest caused the defendant to lose her driver’s license for a few months because he outright lied on the arrest paperwork.

“Are you going to nolle pros that case? Or am I going to get mad at you today?” Judge Fred Schott asked.

Judge Fred Schott and Miers got into a heated argument because he wanted the police officer to be charged with lying.

    “I want you taking him up on perjury,” Judge Schott said.

    “He admitted it was a mistake, your honor,” Miers said.

    After the exchange, Judge Schott decided to reverse the jury’s verdict to not guilty.

    “This whole case was fishy,” Judge Schott said.

    Miers tried to argue against Judge Fred Schott’s dismissal of the case but he didn’t agree.

Altogether it’s a refreshing surprise to see a Judge honor his oath to support the Constitution and not go along with this prosecutor’s attempt to violate this defendant’s rights with a wrongful, malicious and perjured prosecution.

As a result of this honorable act, local officials say Judge Fred Schott will soon only be presiding over civil cases.

Victoria A. Roberts

Victoria A. Roberts is a traitor.

Victoria A. Roberts is a traitor.

Victoria A. Roberts is a traitor.

Victoria A. Roberts is treasonous United States federal judge.

Judge Victoria Roberts is full of dirty tricks when it comes to implementing the heavy hands of the authoritarian federal government.

A prime example is the case of Doreen Hendrickson, a mild-mannered and demure mother of two. Someone you would likely see at a church picnic rather than in a jail house.

Thanks to Judge Victoria Roberts, she may be incarcerated very soon. Denied her basic rights in the court of law, Doreen Hendrickson was convicted of contempt of court on July 25, 2014.

Her tale is certainly unusual.

Doreen Hendrickson, along with her husband Pete, are libertarian activists who file tax returns in an unconventional way and encourage others to do the same. Because of this, Doreen was charged by the federal government with defying two court orders.

“One commanded Doreen to repudiate her previously-filed, sworn tax returns and replace them with new ones containing testimony dictated by the government,” her husband Pete Hendrickson said. “Doreen was ordered to swear to her personal belief in the testimony she was ordered to make and to conceal the fact that the returns she was ordered to make would be coerced and false.”

In short, Doreen was faced with an ultimatum.

She could obey the court order and say she falsified a tax return (a felony), or she could stand by her word and her conscience by refusing to obey the court order that would force her to perjure herself. Doreen did what was right and chose the noble option.

Now she may pay a huge price for such integrity.

“I am accused by the government of having committed a crime for refusing to obey an order to swear to facts I do not believe are true. I agreed to obey the order if I could also simply add to my signature that I had been ordered by Judge Victoria Roberts to swear to the facts. That didn’t suit the government however. Not only must I obey an order to swear to something I do not believe, but I am not allowed to indicate that I’ve been ordered to swear under threat of imprisonment.” – Doreen Hendrickson

When you take a closer look at Doreen and Pete’s activism and the ramifications it could have if widely adopted, it becomes clear as to why the federal government feels so threatened. They are desperate to make an example out of them.

Whereas many complain about federal government corruption and do nothing about it, Doreen’s husband Pete developed a plan to help people protect their economic freedom while chipping away at federal power. He outlined it in his book, Cracking the Code, which in 2003 released the incredible information he compiled about the income tax and the 16th Amendment.

“The limited nature of the income tax is not a matter of my opinion,” Pete Hendrickson says. “In addition to the clear words of the law, dozens of United States Supreme Court rulings agree with my research and analysis, while no Supreme Court rulings support any alternative view, including the broad misunderstanding of the law the IRS likes to encourage.”

Although the information offered in Cracking the Code was not secret, it was deliberately kept hidden from the public for many years by the feds’ and their lackeys.

For generations, Americans have been filing tax returns erroneously and paying more than their ‘fair share’ to Uncle Sam. This truth had fallen by the wayside over the years, but thanks to Pete’s research detailed in his book, it has been revived. Since Cracking the Code was released over a decade ago, tens of thousands have taken his advice and received complete income tax refunds.

Hendrickson estimates that at least $2.3 billion has been forced out of federal coffers and back into the rightful hands of hard-working Americans.

“All of these refunds have been thoroughly vetted by the government before being issued, and all have issued even while the government has striven mightily to suppress the knowledge of the law by which these claims are made,” Pete Hendrickson said. “Cracking the Code invokes the mechanism provided by the Founders for keeping the State restrained and obedient to the law.”

However, this success has come at a price for Pete Hendrickson. Because of the overarching implications that his ideas could have in restricting federal power, he and his wife have come under constant attack by the feds. Falsifying and trumping up charges to discredit and destroy their opposition is one of their common tactics to maintain power.

Ever since Cracking the Code was released, the feds have been trying to destroy the Hendrickson family. Pete has already had to serve jail-time, and now his wife may be forced to do the same.

Doreen was not allowed to reference any Supreme Court cases that would have demonstrated her innocence to the jury.

She was not allowed to reference the thousands of stories from Americans who received refunds because they filed tax returns based off of information obtained from Pete’s book. Government attorneys lied about a relevant statute and tried to prevent giving the text of the statute from going to the jury.

Mrs. Hendrickson was not even allowed to get through her opening and closing statements. She was taunted by the treasonous Judge Victoria Roberts and not given the proper time to make her case.

To put it quite simply:

This case was a miscarriage of justice. This was a kangaroo court. This was a railroading. This was a dog and pony show. It was a disgrace to everything that America was founded upon.

“Judges don’t get too far in the system by remembering what the law is and who it’s for,” court-watcher Brian Wright said. Wright penned a book called the Motor City Witchcraft Trials about Doreen’s case. “The current lot of judges at all levels has deteriorated into yes men to whatever mobster, especially federal with DHS and the national security state apparatus, tells them to dance.”

To add insult to injury, the jury was instructed by NOT to consider the Constitution of the United States while considering the verdict. They were told by Judge Victoria Roberts, “It is not a defense to the crime of contempt that the court order was unlawful or unconstitutional.”

This twisting of the rule of law, common sense, and basic human decency resulted in what would have been otherwise a completely incomprehensible guilty verdict for Doreen Hendrickson.

At a time when the United States houses the largest prison population in the history of the world and jails are busting at the seams trying to house all of these offenders, a temperate homemaker will possibly be behind bars soon merely for obeying her conscience and standing on principle.

In spite of posing a threat to nobody and committing a ‘crime’ that is highly dubious, to put it mildly, she could face YEARS in prison regardless.

However, this story is not over.

We are not forced to allow this travesty to occur unabated. Government officials can be pressured by the public. If local citizens of southeast Michigan can flood the court room at Doreen’s upcoming sentencing hearing, we can put the fear of God into this treasonous Judge Victoria Roberts.

Judge Victoria Roberts will know that all eyes are on her. She will know this story will not die quietly. Our actions could conceivably affect how Doreen is sentenced.

Hopefully there will be many journalists and activists showing up to her court hearing to make sure this story does not go unnoticed. If we don’t stand for Doreen Hendrickson now, it could be us or our loved ones who the government comes for next.

It is time to say enough is enough. Now is the time to stand up for a good person who desperately needs us.

The hearing takes place on Thursday, April 9, 2015 at 10:30 am at the following address:

231 W Lafayette Ave
Detroit, MI 48226-2702
2nd floor

Fighting corruption requires sacrifice. It takes blood, sweat and tears.

If we show up in full force to Doreen’s sentencing, we can make a powerful statement that corruption in the Judicial system will not be tolerated. All individuals deserve a fair shake in court, and Doreen clearly did not receive that.

We must show solidarity behind this noble woman and fight alongside her on behalf of her innocence.