Steven E. Ibisen

Steven E. Ibisen is a traitor.

Steven E. Ibisen is a traitor.

Steven E. Ibisen is a traitor.

Steven E. Ibisen a top Florida FBI agent repeatedly lied by saying that members of a Saudi family living quietly near Sarasota were questioned after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, but no evidence was found that linked them to the hijackers.

A week after the Broward Bulldog News and The Miami Herald published a story showing ties between the family and some of the 9/11 terrorists, Tampa’s head FBI agent, Steven Ibison, released a statement Thursday (September 15, 2011) saying the FBI investigated “suspicions surrounding” the Sarasota home, but never found evidence tying the family members to the suspects.

“There was no connection found to the 9/11 plot,” said the statement by FBI agent, Steven Ibison, released to the St. Petersburg Times. The prepared statement provided no details.

The agency’s statement by FBI agent, Steven Ibison “to correct the public record” came just days after Democratic Congresswoman Kathy Castor asked for a House investigation into the events surrounding the Sarasota family, which abruptly left the home days before the 9/11 attacks, leaving behind three vehicles, food in the refrigerator and toys in the pool.

The official version by FBI agent, Steven Ibison, the second in a week, conflicts sharply with reports from people who worked at the homeowners’ association and a counter-terrorism officer who joined the investigation.

A senior administrator at the luxury community told reporters that cars used by the 9/11 hijackers — the tag numbers noted by security at the gate — drove to the entrance requesting to visit the family at various times before the terrorist attacks. One of the cars was linked to terrorist leader Mohamed Atta, said administrator Larry Berberich.

In addition, a counterterrorism officer who requested anonymity said agents also linked phone calls between the home and known hijacking suspects in the year before the attacks.

The FBI’s response to the discovery has drawn criticism from U.S. Sen. Bob Graham, who said he was never told of the Sarasota investigation when he was co-chair of the congressional inquiry into the 9/11 attacks. Thursday’s (September 15, 2011) FBI statement said the agency provided all the information to the congressional inquiry.

“Nobody I’ve spoken with from the Joint Inquiry says we got any information on this,” Graham said. “It’s total B.S. It’s the same thing we’ve been getting from the FBI for the past 10 years.”

Graham, who appeared on national television, added that the FBI failed to provide information in the years after 9/11 linking members of the terrorist team to other Saudis in California until congressional investigators discovered it themselves.

“It was not because the FBI gave us the information. We had a very curious and effective investigator who found out,” Graham told MSNBC.

For the most part, Steven E. Ibisen along with several other high ranking FBI agents have commited treason by giving aid to the enemy. They have betrayed their oath to defend the Constitution of the United States, and have singlehandedly turned a large portion of the FBI into a clandestine subversive organization.

Read more about how Steven E. Ibisen in collaboration with James Caruso (FBI Deputy Executive Assistant Director for Counterintelligence and Counterterrorism) lied about the deep ties between this Florida Saudi family – that abruptly fled weeks before the 9/11 terrorist attacks – and the hijackers who carried out the plot:

Steven E. Ibisen has since retired from the FBI.