St Lucia Teachers Union Collective Agreement

In November 2017, the education union presented a proposal for negotiation on teachers` working conditions. In May 2018, faced with a lack of reaction, they continued to insist on a response. In August 2018, a meeting took place between the authorities and the SLTU, during which the trade union representatives were able to present their demands. But they did not receive any further reactions from the government. Public sector unions and the Government Negotiation Team (GNT) are in the process of ending negotiations on the 2016-2019 collective agreement until the 28th of this month, just two days before the 28th of this month. Article 12 AGENCY FEES / SHOP 1. The employer shall deduct from the wages of each worker who is covered by the agreement and who has submitted to the employer his individual written consent to this effect the monthly dues collected by the union from any worker who is a member of the union. Article 13 CONSULTATION 1. In order to maintain and promote harmonious relations between the employer and the workers, regular dialogues/meetings are held between the trade union and the officials of the Ministry of Education, on issues related to dismissals, changes in working conditions, working hours, staffing and restructuring, etc., and other matters relating to the educational service. 2. The employer shall agree that changes to the school year or school day shall be made in consultation with the Union. Article 14 HOLIDAYS a. In all respects, all permanent teachers are considered holidays during school holidays between the second week of July and the end of the third week of August.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, all teachers make themselves available for: b. School preparation exercises one (1) week before the start of the new school year. c. Participation in planned non-professional continuing education exercises. Article 15 VACANCIES FOR TRADE UNION ACTIVITIES 1. The employer grants the worker who has to participate in a trade union training activity, such as seminars, conferences, courses, etc., a “leave” with pay, provided that the functioning of the school or department is not seriously disturbed. 2. In any event, the trade union shall inform the employer adequately and appropriately that the worker has been chosen by the trade union to participate in such an activity. Article 16 FUNERAL/COMPASSIONATE LEAVE 1 Funeral/Compassionate leave grants workers paid free time to attend the funeral and for periods of travel and bereavement after the death of an employee`s direct or immediate family.

9 He points out that “every school on the island has been affected, the teachers have agreed on the efforts and have clearly shown that they are extremely serious in their demands”, and concludes that “we are confident that the government will return to us this time in the planned period”. (2) Thereafter, such teachers shall be entitled to a sabbatical every seven (7) years, provided that a teacher does not take more than three (3) sabbaticals. 3. Sabbaticals shall not be more than six (6) teachers per school year. 4. Teachers who are on sabbatical leave must serve after the sabbatical in accordance with the study leave policy plan. 5. Sabbatical leave is granted for one (1) school period per authorized candidate. 6. Only teachers whose benefits are consistently above average shall be taken into account for sabbatical leave. 7. The selection procedure favours long-term teachers.

8. Sabbatical leave is granted for training, professional development, research and any other reason deemed appropriate by the body authorizing the granting of sabbatical leave. 9. Teachers who receive a sabbatical shall submit a report to the Ministry of Education at the end of the sabbatical. . . .

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