Nea Standard Joint Pole Agreement

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has established a new standard joint pole agreement that will streamline the process of installing and sharing infrastructure between power, telecom, and cable companies.

The new agreement, known as the NEMA Standards Publication No. C 29.2-2019, lays out the terms and conditions for joint use of utility poles. This includes provisions for attachment of equipment, payment procedures, liability, and safety requirements.

The joint use of utility poles has been a common occurrence for many years, but the lack of standardization has led to confusion and disputes among companies. With the new NEMA standard agreement, companies can now have a clear understanding of their responsibilities and obligations when it comes to joint use of utility poles.

One of the major benefits of the new agreement is increased efficiency. Instead of negotiating separate agreements with each company, a joint pole agreement can be negotiated with all parties involved. This saves time and resources for all parties, making the process of installing and maintaining infrastructure much smoother.

The NEMA standard joint pole agreement also promotes safety by establishing guidelines for attachment of equipment to the pole. This includes requirements for equipment to be securely fastened and properly maintained to prevent accidents and damage to the pole.

As an added benefit, the agreement includes provisions for dispute resolution. This ensures that any disagreements between companies can be resolved quickly and efficiently, without the need for lengthy legal battles.

In conclusion, the NEMA standard joint pole agreement is a major step forward for the utility industry. By establishing clear guidelines and procedures for joint use of utility poles, companies can work more efficiently and safely while avoiding disputes. As the industry continues to grow and evolve, this new agreement will help ensure that infrastructure is installed and maintained properly for the benefit of everyone involved.

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