Jeh Charles Johnson

Jeh Charles Johnson is a traitor.

Jeh Charles Johnson is a traitor.

Jeh Charles Johnson is a traitor.

Jeh Charles Johnson is the current United States Secretary of Homeland Security.

Jeh Johnson knows the way to success in the Hussein Obama regime is through direct disservice and disloyalty to your nation.

Jeh Johnson has been the chief architect of our southern border disarmament, who oversaw the dismantling of our inland and border immigration enforcement, the man who ordered criminal illegal aliens released onto our streets, the man who on the day of the Obama amnesty speech ordered ICE agents to violate their oaths of office just as he himself does on a daily basis and to not arrest law-breakers unless they committed violent felonies.

No doubt the patriotic employees at DHS would be thrilled and relieved to be rid of the unscrupulous rogue in charge of one of the most integrity-demanding positions in our government. The exception is the Obama regime, in which integrity is considered to be a character defect.

The Washington Post cites Johnson’s experience as the Pentagon’s top lawyer from 2009 to 2012, which reportedly included a role in the decisions to expand drone warfare, the debate over closing Gitmo, and our approach to cyber-warfare. He also played a prominent role in the repeal of “don’t ask don’t tell.” While those might, in the opinion of some be qualifications, they are hardly a replacement for military experience and do not begin to compensate for assaulting our Constitution.

While former Defense Secretary Robert Gates spoke highly of Johnson in his book “Duty,” his actions as DHS Secretary have been extremely destructive to our nation, the rule of law and the Constitution he supposedly swore an oath to uphold.

Jeh Johnson was also instrumental in the importation program of Central American illegal aliens and helped craft the current un-Constitutional amnesty, knowingly violating the separation of powers in doing so. He has also been deceptive when questioned on any particulars of any of his subversive activities, parsing words and restating questions in a manner so as to avoid being forthcoming.

Jeh Johnson is a man who should be at a minimum under indictment for treason, not head of a one of most sensitive positions within the United States government.

Additional Information

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson told the Senate Tuesday (April 28, 2015) that he has no regrets at all for going around Congress to implement President Barack Obama’s several immigration-related executive actions. “Do you regret the actions that you and the administration have taken that have gotten us to this point?” Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) asked Johnson at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. “No, I do not, senator,” Johnson replied. “I believe that the undocumented population in this country, at least half of which has been here more than 10 years, has to be reckoned with. We know they’re here, and they are not priorities for removal.”

There are millions of people in this country who are not priorities for removal,” he added. “There are dozens of states that allow them to have drivers’ licenses.”

Obama’s latest plan to provide legal protection for millions of illegal immigrants is currently on hold, due to a federal court injunction. But DHS took steps to get ready for that plan, and is lobbying the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to lift that injunction.

Jeh Johnson also justified Obama’s immigration action by noting that Obama waited “years” for Congress to act. That prompted Cornyn to ask, “So do you think it’s an excuse for the president to act unconstitutionally because Congress doesn’t act quickly enough to suit him?”

“I have what is in my judgment as a lawyer a very, very thoughtful opinion from the Office of Legal Counsel that we have the legal discretion to do what we did,” Johnson replied.

Jeh Johnson spent a good part of Tuesday’d hearing fight back against Republican complaints that Obama’s immigration moves violated the Constitution. He also heard complaints from Sens. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) and Ted Cruz (R-Texas) that DHS’s effort to enforce immigration laws has waned.

Cruz, for example, noted that the removal of illegal immigrants has dropped dramatically over the last several years. “How do you explain a 41 percent drop in removals of aliens here illegally?” he asked.

Jeh Johnson replied that removals have fallen because fewer people are being captured at the border. “The apprehensions are in fact lower on the southern border, so the intake is lower this fiscal year in particular,” he said.

DHS announced last week that border apprehensions are down 28 percent this year. This is a clear sign that DHS is becoming even more relaxed about its effort to enforce immigration law.