Immunity Agreement

Norm explained that these neighbors who get involved use the illegally acquired profits to buy Range Rover and hold disgusting parties all night, evidence that would later be useful to sue their neighbors. Amnesty International has called on governments to refuse to sign agreements that would grant impunity to US nationals if they were accused of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. According to a report published on 3 September by Amnesty International, such agreements would undermine the International Criminal Court and violate the international obligations of signatory states. Many forms of immunity are granted to government officials so that they can perform their duties without fear of being prosecuted for it or charged with a crime: in the United States, the prosecution can grant immunity in one form out of two. Transactional immunity, commonly referred to as “lump sum” or “total” immunity, fully protects the witness from future prosecution for crimes related to his or her testimony. Immunity from use and derivative use prevents the Prosecution only from using the witness`s own testimony or evidence derived from the testimony against the witness. However, if the prosecutor acquires, independently of the witness` testimony, evidence of the offence, the witness may be prosecuted. This form of immunity convention is called “immunity from use.” It differs somewhat from the immunity agreements discussed elsewhere in this Guideline by focusing on the use of the information provided and not on acts that are not prosecuted. It is appropriate for the Crown Counsel to conduct discussions with investigating authorities and sign formal “investigative assistance agreements” binding on the DPP. . .


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