Condensate Sale Agreement

The 2011 GTC apply to all forms of supply and apply to the sales transactions that will be concluded between Statoil ASA and their counterparties from 9 May 2011 and which will replace the following general conditions of sale: the project will be developed via an offshore platform from which the treated gas and stabilized condensate will pass through a northern entrance pipeline connected to the national gas transmission system INGL (Israel Natural Gas Lines). As of 1 October 2007, Statoil ASA (formerly Den norske stats oljeselskap a.s) changed its name to Statoil ASA. With the exception of this name change, the conditions of sale remain unchanged. Apart from the agreement with ENT, Delek said an agreement had been signed with an international trading company in the fuel industry to transport Leviathan condensate by road tankers and deliver it to the buyer in pei`s tank (the “Delivery Agreement”). The supply contract is valid from 31 December 2020 for the transport of natural gas from the Leviathan reservoir. The Agreement shall be renewed annually for a period of one additional year, unless one of the Parties decides not to renew it. In an announcement on Sunday, Delek Drilling, a project partner, said that under the agreement signed with Oil Refineries Ltd, Kondensat, produced from the leviathan reservoir, would be transported to Europe`s existing Asia Pipeline Co. Ltd (EAPC) pipeline, which leads to a Petroleum & Energy Infrastructures Ltd (PEI) fuel depot in Kiryat Haim. And from there they are transported to the facilities of Oil Refineries Ltd.

General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GTC) constitute the second part of a sales contract and the special provisions negotiated and agreed between a buyer and a seller (as defined in the GTC) constitute the first part of these agreements. CIF OFFSHORE = CIF Offshore crude oil sales. CIF/C&F TERMINAL = Terminal Crude oil sales CIF/C&F. OUTTURN DELIVERED = crude sales delivered Result (= delivery by ship) FOB/FIP TERMINAL = Terminals Crude sales FOB/FIP. The consortium led by Noble Energy, which operates israel`s huge Leviathan offshore gas field, has signed agreements with Oil Refineries Ltd and another buyer for the transportation of Kondensat, which will be produced from the land. Leviathan is expected to be released this month. Under the second agreement, the price of condensate is linked to the price per barrel of Brent, and the buyer is entitled to a discount if the condensate deviates from the specifications described in the delivery agreement, Delek said Leviathan`s partners continue to study other alternatives for the transport and sale of leviathan condensate at the same time as the transport of condensate, in accordance with the agreements announced on Sunday. Statoil ASA General Terms and Conditions of Sale of Crude Oil Shell Nederland Raffinaderij BV/Shell Germany Oil GMBH/Shell Trading Rotterdam BV General Terms and Conditions 2007 Even if you are interested in presenting your company, product or technology on Offshore Energy Today, please contact us via our advertising form, where you can also see our media file. Amendments made by shell Trading (US) Company in 2018 to the Conoco General Commissions for Domestic Crude Oil and Condensate Agreements of January 2017 For bunker deliveries, statoil ASA`s terms of sale – applicable to the sale of marine fuels – remain valid and in force. Shell Trading (US) Sale and Purchase of Products 2016 Shell Trading Terms and Conditions of Sale 2020 The Leviathan ~ $3.7 billion project is the largest energy project in Israel`s history. The development of the project is in the final phase and is expected to begin in December 2019 with the supply of gas to the Israeli domestic market and regional markets. .

The Italian infrastructure manager, Snam, has cooperated with Israeli companies for cooperation in sma. . . .

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