Australia International Trade Agreements

· An innovative implementation mechanism includes fines to enforce the trade, labour and environmental obligations of the trade agreement. · Emphasis is placed on promoting compliance through consultations, joint action plans and trade-enhancing remedies. · Specifies that test data and trade secrets submitted to a government for the purpose of marketing authorization of the product will be protected against unfair commercial use for a period of 5 years for drugs and ten years for agrochemicals. Address potential gaps in these provisions. · Promotes the development of an online system for the registration and maintenance of trademarks as well as a searchable database. · Requires both parties to authorize the seizure, degradation and destruction of counterfeit and illegally manufactured goods and equipment used in their manufacture. Also provides for the enforcement of goods in transit in order to prevent infringements from using ports or free trade areas for trade in unconsused goods. Measures can be taken ex officio in cross-border and criminal cases, allowing for more effective implementation. · The Parties will also build on their long history of cooperation and cooperation in the field of the international environment through a joint declaration on cooperation in the field of the environment. o Beef: US tariffs beyond quotas will be gradually downgraded over an 18-year period. The initial increase in imports from Australia under the TRQ quota will account for about 0.17% of US beef production and 1.6% of US beef imports. Quota increases will be effective if US beef exports return to their 2003 (before BSE) levels or three years after the date of entry into force of the agreement, whichever happens first.

The United States and Australia will collaborate in international organizations on BSE standards. After the transition period, a price-based protective measure will be available, designed to be sensitive to market disturbances in quality beef. · Both parties reaffirm their obligations as members of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and strive to ensure that their national laws provide for labour standards consistent with internationally recognized labour principles. The agreement makes it clear that it is inappropriate to weaken or reduce internal labour security in order to promote trade or investment between the parties. Learn about customs results and rules of origin of the Australian Free Trade Agreement via DFAT`s online FTA portal. · Requires a dispute resolution system regarding trademarks that are used in Internet domain names, which is important to avoid “cyber-squatting” with respect to high-quality domain names. Free trade agreements (LEAs) offer Australian businesses a competitive advantage. By removing and removing barriers to international trade and investment, free trade agreements benefit Australian exporters, importers, producers and investors. · Applies the “first-in-right” principle to trademarks and geographical indications, so that the first person who acquires a right in a trademark or geographical indication is the person who has the right to use it. Bilateral trade in goods and services with Australia is about $28 billion and the United States has a trade surplus of $9 billion with Australia. Australia is the 9th largest merchandise export market for the United States** When considering the European Union as a single export destination. · The United States and Australia will work to remove sanitary and phytosanitary barriers to agricultural trade, including pork, citrus, apples and pebble fruits · Australia and the United States have agreed on provisions on electronic commerce that reflect the importance of the issue for global trade and the importance of the provision of goods and services electronically as a key element of a dynamic e-commerce environment.

Australia has trade initiatives or trade agreements with the countries or groups of countries listed in the table below. .

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