Alabama Stars Transfer Agreement

Students considering moving to colleges and universities outside of Alabama should speak with an advisor at the institution for which they are interested in transferring in order to develop a curriculum This articulation agreement helps ensure the transfer of courses to Alabama colleges and universities. What if you went to your university? Ask your STARS advisor. Each university has a STARS advisor or a transfer advisor. If you are considering moving from a regionally accredited junior or community college to the University of Alabama, you need to know the equivalents of the junior/community college. STARS (Statewide Transfer Articulation and Reporting System) provides you with instructions and instructions. A system called STARS (Statewide Transfer and Articulating Reporting System) helps ensure that the credits you earn in your Community College are actually transferred. The STARS guide shows you the courses you can take, which are relayed for your career or main subject. To find out if and how a course is transferred to the University of Alabama, please see the Transfer Race Guide. Select your transfer institution and use the drop-down option to view the course and its equivalent. Please pay attention to the group codes. Visit the Transfer Course Equivalency Guide for a reference of course equivalencies from transfer institutions.

A course that is not listed in the equivalency guide may continue to be transferred. A course that is not included in the equivalency guide means that we have not yet received and assimilated this particular course. Current Culverhouse College of Business students who wish to take courses at another institution should meet with an advisor at 10 Bidgood Hall. .

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